Visit HE Dr. Mari Pangestu, Indonesian Embassy Den Haag, June 27 2006

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Speech Minister of Trade; in KBRI Den Haag June 27; 2006

HE Mari Pangestu memorized strong message of Dutch government; whos willing to revitalize; and intensify relationships between Indonesia and the Netherlands; starting with visit of Mr. Bot, Minister Foreign Affairs; Prime Minister; Vice Prime Minister; Minister Trade & Education; followed up with planned visits 2006 of Ministers of Development and Agriculture. This year marks incredible year Dutch Ministers visiting Indonesia, so we decided at least I should come here to begin the visits of the Indonesian Ministers, in August the Foreign Minister will be here also. Im here to follow-up up many things as capacity building; and training programs with my Ministry; and I hope a number of Universities here for training; and off course we hope to increase trade and investment between our both countries; because its such a shame we have such long history between our two countries; we really build-up this history; friendship; trade and investment. Im very optimistic; we had very good meetings today with business people. When Mr. Brinkhorst came to Indonesia; he brought delegation of 40 business people; again very good visit. We are very optimistic that there are many opportunities in the new Indonesia. In the new Indonesia we have now democracy; we are thinking about huge economic reform program; there are many opportunities in many areas; other then economic. Im sure we can explore many other areas of co-operation; including football; we looking forward to having big tray this year in Southern games with help of  Dutch football federation. Today I like to introduce some members of my delegation; 2 members of parliament; commission VI; - trade / investment and industry pak Choirul; and pak Imam; my DirGen for International Economic relation pak Herry; and Mrs. Herlisa; Director of lateral relation; shes in charge of our relationships with The Netherlands. Mrs. Mari Pangestu expressed hope for new friendships and maintaining old friendships.