August 17th constitutes the Independence Day for the Indonesian nation. As the day approaches, all angles of Indonesia celebrate the big day for the Indonesian nation. In each city corner, especially in Surabaya whether it is in school, government and private institutions they compete to beautify their region with red and white nuance which constitutes the symbol of the Indonesian nation’s flag.


As august 17th approach, each village organize various contents such as sack race, marble competition, etc. Not only villages which organize contents,  but also government and private institution. And in the night they organize bazaar of fair, they also sell various kinds of Surabaya’s traditional foods in an affordable price besides that there also games for children.


Exactly on August 17th, in Surabaya precisely in the governor office or which we usually call Grahadi building of Surabaya (Gedung Grahadi Surabaya) a ceremony is held. The ceremony is held with respect and full of high nationalism. After the ceremony usually there is also a parade from the Indonesian Armed Forces and also schools. The students wear traditional clothing or also present their school drum band. The parade revolves around Surabaya’s main streets already established by the committee. There are a lot of Surabaya’s citizens who are watching the parade because it constitutes an entertainment for the local citizens. Sometimes even local as well as foreign tourists record the parade.


In Jakarta, this big day celebration is done in the Merdeka Palace of Jakarta (Istana Merdeka Jakarta), and as the ceremony leaded is the President of Indonesia whereas the ceremony is attended by the state senior officials, ambassadors, and many more state visitors who are invited to follow this ceremony. As in Surabaya or in Jakarta or in the other  big cities, the ones who had the duty to carry the flag are the sons of Indonesia who succeed in their study. Before they are on duty, first they were quarantine to receive marching education, and also the other lessons such as leadership, etc.(appear in the picture)


With this celebration it is expected that each citizen especially Surabaya’s citizen can hold high the exist nationalism. Freedom!